Mental Wellness Therapy Singapore Can Help You Find Clarity

There is a type of therapy called Existential Therapy. With existential therapy, you’re taught that it is okay to feel what you want to feel when you feel it. Feelings such as joy or sadness should be based on what you feel, not what others think you should feel in that situation. Only you are in control of your thoughts and your emotions. With mental wellness therapy Singapore, you can discover what clarity really means and how to get it for yourself.

Do you notice that you often feel stressed when things are, according to others, going well for you? Do you often feel anxious or uncertain of how you are supposed to feel about a situation? You’re not alone in the thought you may feel about good changes that feel stressful. Many people feel stressed or experience anxiety when there are life changes that should be happier times. Happy times like a new marriage, a new baby, or a fantastic new job, can be stressful, and it is okay to feel that anxiety.

When you feel different from what other people feel you should, it can add more stress when you are already anxious. No one can decide what you should feel other than you. No one may tell you how you should feel happy or sad about any circumstances that you are dealing with in your life. The problem is, we are often told from early childhood to be happy when certain things happen sad when other things happen. Existential therapy simply says that no matter what you feel, allow yourself to feel it. By allowing yourself to feel what you want to feel, you can feel less stressed about the things that currently cause you anxiety. 

How are you feeling about your circumstances today? Without thinking about what you are supposed to say or should feel, you should be able to tell others you feel good or bad and not be judged for it. Your feelings about any circumstance makes you a person and no one should be able to judge you based on it. The beauty of mental wellness therapy Singapore is that you allow yourself to just feel and know that it is okay to feel sad about the life changes a baby may bring or happy that a loved one’s passing means no more suffering for them.

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